Located on East Main Street in Chattanooga’s historic Southside, Main Line Ink is a tattoo establishment and art gallery that hearkens back to the quirky, eccentric days of the early tattoo parlour. Just right around the corner from Chattanooga’s iconic Choo Choo, among the newly revamped and revitalized Main Street art district, Main Line Ink wants to take it’s place among other progressive businesses who seek to hold tight to the charms of the past, while embracing a creative, forward thinking vision of the future of Chattanooga’s art scene.

Main Line Ink seeks to provide a very client-centered tattoo experience. A place to get a high quality tattoo where the focus is on the person getting the tattoo, not the person doing it. We seek to provide the ultimate in comfort, quality, and safety to our clients, from educating the client through the consultation process, to providing an individualized, carefully thought out tattoo experience, we want to create an environment and experience that shows our clients that our main focus is on them. Our artists (Danny Siviter, Jennifer Edge, Kitty Konniption, Aniel Fernandez, Kay Boak, and Gracie Harrison) are talented but humble craftsmen who want your experience to be fun and enjoyable, and realize that your tattoo is not about them, but about you. At Main Line Ink, you will find a cast of interesting, personable characters who are more than happy to lead you through the often intimidating process of permanently marking your body.

We embrace the history and feel of the traditional tattoo parlour, but with a few key differences. Instead of walls covered in tattoo flash, ours are covered in high quality artwork from local and regional artists. Our focus is more on custom tattooing and original designs, but feel free to bring in your own designs for us to work with. Main Line Ink is also an ALL DISPOSABLE studio, meaning that we do not use any implements or tools in our procedures that are autoclave sterilized or reusable. This allows us to offer you the most safe, sterile procedures that the tattoo world has to offer. So while embracing the heritage of tattoo’s past, we also embrace modern technology, techniques, and philosophies that help us take the art and craft of tattooing to the next level of comfort and professionalism.

A main mission and focus of Main Line Ink is community involvement. We feel that a business should give back and promote the community that supports it, and will seek to partner with other local businesses on projects to give back to Chattanooga community in a positive way. We will regularly host community-based art shows where we will work to promote both up and coming and established local and regional visual artists. We will also be regularly bringing traveling tattoo artists into Main Line to do guest spots, giving our clients the opportunity to collect great tattoos from out of town artists making waves in the tattoo scene at large.

Come check out our tattoo parlour and art gallery, and witness first hand our excitement and commitment to capturing your story on skin. And see how Main Line Ink is striving to be a leader among studios in providing a client-centered experience, the safest tattoo procedures possible, and high-quality tattoos that will make all your friends jealous. We care about you and your experience, and look forward to taking your tattoo ideas and concepts and creating some great body art together.

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