Though Danny has always been interested in visual art and tattoos, he cut his creative teeth drumming and singing in bands along the East Coast. As a child, Danny remembers seeing tattoos on his grandpa’s arms, back when tattoos came with plenty of stories and a lot of respect. And even at an early age, Danny became very intrigued with the ability to express one’s self through images portrayed on skin. He feels that tattoos, whether directly meaningful or not, tell a story. He came to realize that he wanted to work in a capacity where he could help illustrate these stories, and so while taking a break from touring with bands, decided that it was time to pay his dues and give his complete focus and energy to the craft of tattooing. So he put down the drumsticks and microphones, and picked up a pencil and got to work. After apprenticing in North Carolina, Danny bounced around for awhile until he found a welcoming home in the Chattanooga area, where he has built a loyal fan base and following. He cranks out work on a daily basis that keeps clients coming back for more.






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