Jennifer Edge knew at a young age she wanted to add color to the world. During art classes growing up Jennifer fell in love with the notion that images tell stories. That theme carried through Jennifer’s early explorations in visual art, where she enjoyed having an outlet to share her personality, share her thoughts, and be creative. A growing passion to capture these stories lead her to study art and painting after her high school years. She painted and worked management jobs through her twenties, and later returned to school to study graphic design, where Jennifer focused on advertising and marketing design, and where she was able hone her skills in composition, production art, and digital design. An interest in tattoos and body art drew Jennifer to look for opportunities in the body art industry, but she found quickly that it was a tough industry to break into. So she continued to develop her design skills while working management gigs, until several years later, she was offered an opportunity to break in the business, and she jumped on it. Now years later, Jennifer’s growing passion to capture stories has been given a voice on skin, and she couldn’t be happier with the direction her life is heading.


Many people seek out Jennifer for her graphic, illustrative, and colorful motifs. From vector splattered, flashy, text-filled graffiti compositions to soft, muted, flowing, feminine designs, Jennifer tries to adapt her approach to the vision her client is seeing, and the story they want to tell. She wants to create designs that when someone sees, they want to explore further and know the story behind it. She feels that her style is that the tattoo is about you, and how she can best capture that. Jennifer’s clients adore being around her and come back time and again not only for her unique, colorful designs, but her quirky, humorous personality, and her passion for people and the art she creates.


People inspire Jennifer. A lot. She loves to sit with her clients and hear about their lives, as they crack jokes, share tales, and connect on a real, personal level. Many people seek out Jennifer not only for her unique art, but also an amazing bedside manner. Because she loves people so much, Jennifer really makes her clients feel important and valued. Jennifer is a huge movie buff, and is drawn in by the huge cohesion of visual imagery, sound, and story that is pulled together to make a great movie. She draws a lot of inspiration from quality time with friends and loves to organize parties and gatherings where people can come together in fellowship and spend quality time together. Jennifer loves life, and her passion and energy are contagious and uplifting.





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