This lady is a bottomless well of ideas and dreams. Relentlessly striving to grow as an artist, Jennifer’s brain-cogs are always turning. She is the mind behind the Literary Ink Tattoo Convention, and after meeting with Axel Arzola a few times she accepted the challenge to make this film along side the convention. Stay Tuned for The Convention of Secrets to return February 1st 2019!

Well known in Chattanooga for her watercolor prowess and abstract renderings, she tends to find unique ways to use line and color. Her sketchy style is all her own, and her clients are as loyal to her as Death Eaters are to ole Voldemort. Jennifer is a color-outside-the-lines kind of artist, and she thinks outside those lines too. When she isn’t working her tattoo magic, she enjoys spending time with her lovin’ wife and thier pup, Birdie. 






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