Lynn remembers growing up thinking that the notion of permanent art on skin was utterly fascinating, and he knew that someday he would be tattooed, but it wasn’t until his time in college that he considered tattooing as a profession. Most of his creative leanings to that point had been musical and literary. He had always liked to draw, but got more interested in visual art in his late teens, and as his exploration of visual art developed, so did his interest in not only receiving, but creating, body art. Lynn entered the body art world in his early twenties as an apprentice to learn body piercing, while still a full-time university student and active musician. Lynn saw the body art world as a great fit for his personality, his interests in human culture, and as the ultimate in personal expression. He finished college and worked in several shops looking for the right time and a good fit, until settling in to begin his long journey as a student and practitioner of tattooing a couple years later. His childhood fascination grew into a passion, and then into a very sacred and personal expressionism, as Lynn finds that even now, the fascination hasn’t waned, but only increased.


A lot of clients seek Lynn out for his realism, conceptual, and illustrative style tattooing. With a degree in Anthropology, and college level training in graphic design, illustration, and production art, Lynn brings a lot of skills and experiences to the table, and works to bring the benefits of his background into his client’s tattoo experience. He loves for a client to bring him an idea, and the two of them explore the concept together until a happy balance is struck between style, rendering, and placement. Lynn makes it a point to explore as many artistic styles as possible, as he feels the more well-rounded an artist and the more fluent their visual vocabulary, and the easier it is to help guide their client to just the right design for them. Though his primarily focus is on custom and original artwork, Lynn’s main goal is to give his clients a quality piece of artwork they will be proud to wear. He really appreciates and nurtures the connection between tattooer and client, and many return to him over and over not only for his artwork, but for his calm nature, thoughtful banter, and good conversation.


Lynn draws inspiration from many areas of life, including the natural world, the human condition, mythology, psychology, pop culture, and dreams. Having a background in social science, Lynn is fascinated by people and how they interact. He gets pretty deep sometimes, and talks all kinds of nerdy crap about stuff most people don’t really care about, but we love him anyway. He admires many everyday, working artists who are completely unknown and madly amazing, not to mention a myriad of musicians and writers. Being a musician and writer himself, when not creating visual art, you’ll find Lynn writing stories, jamming with several local bands, or getting lost in an amazing book.





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